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Q. Do I need to login for reprinting my tickets?
A. Yes you need to login for reprinting your tickets.

Q. What If I forget my login password?
In the login page, please click on the forget password link.
You will be sent a “Reset password” mail to your mail id. Click on the reset link. You will be redirected to the reset password page.
Type the new password and click “Submit”.

Q. How do I reprint my tickets?
a) Click on the Print E ticket link seen at the top or bottom of the page.
b) Enter your login details – email address and pass code correctly.
c) Your ticket details will be listed in the next page.
d) Click on the Print button to print your tickets.
e) A new window opens with your tickets displayed.
f) Click on Print button at the top of the page to print your tickets.
Note that your Printer should be connected and Ready to print the tickets.
g) You can also reprint your tickets from the “Print ticket” link of the confirmation mail you received after your successful booking.

Q. What if I cannot or having trouble to print my tickets?
a) Make sure your printer is on and the cables are connected to your system.
b) Make sure your PC has enough memory available. Close any unnecessary application running.
c) Still cant print tickets? Please contact us.

Q. What do I need to print the tickets?
All you need is an ink jet or laser printer with 300dpi or more. Use letter size plain white paper
  for better results.

Q. Will this ticket be accepted for entry into the event?
Yes, the printout of ticket is valid.

Q. Do I need to take more copies of the ticket(s)?
No, you need only one copy of ticket for entry. The ticket which is scanned once cannot be used again
  for the same or a different event.

Q. What if the tickets are not displayed when I reprint?
Please contact us. We will assist you.

Q. What if nothing worked for me till the last minute and I could not print my tickets?
You can take reprint of your tickets from the Box office / Venue prior to the show by providing
your photo ID proof and last four digits of the credit card used for booking tickets.

Q. How do I book my tickets?
a) Click on the “Book Now” button of the show.
b) Select the section of your preference in the seating chart that appears next.
c) Select the seats and add to cart for purchasing tickets.
d) Check all booking details in the shopping cart and click on “Pay Now” if you want to continue with purchasing. To continue shopping, click on “Continue shopping”. Your booking will remain in the shopping cart for a time period of 5 mins. The Checkout timer can be seen at the top right corner of your screen. After this time period, your tickets will be released from the shopping cart.
e) If you are already a registered customer, please login for payment. OR Register with us for getting special promotions and offers. OR Continue as a guest for payment.
f) Enter all payment information and submit.
g) After successful booking, your tickets will be emailed to your email id registered with us.
h) You can print your tickets rightaway or at a later stage using the Print etickets facility. For queries on Reprinting tickets, click here.

Q. Can I use paperless tickets?
Yes, you can use paperless tickets. Click on “Send SMS” tab seen at the top of your eticket or “Cell Phone” tab seen in the Print receipt/ Print ticket page after booking your tickets online. Your ticket numbers with e ticket link will be sent to your mobile number specified. These tickets can be shown at the venue entry and get scanned from your mobile.

Q. What if my tickets were not mailed to my email after booking tickets?
If you are unable to find your tickets in your email inbox, we would like to request you to check your Spam/Junk folder first. If you are still unable to find your tickets there, contact us by clicking on 'Live Chat' or 'Report a Problem' on our Homepage.

Q. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the event and would like to get my tickets refunded?
Most of the shows have a "No refund" policy. This is completely under the terms and conditions of the boxoffice/venue. Read the terms and conditions carefully before you book the tickets.

Q. Can I pay my tickets using more than one credit card?
Sorry, only one credit card can be used per transaction.

Q. My tickets didnt get printed while booking. How do I know if the booking was successful?
We apologize for difficulties encountered. Before attempting for a second booking, we request you to check if your bookings went through. Using Print tickets, please check if you can reprint your tickets which were booked. If you cannot find them, please mail us to techsupport@ticketsunplugged.com or contact us.

Q. How do I know if tickets are available for a particular show?
You can check the availability of seats from the seating chart for that particular show. Click on “Book now” of the particulars show. You will see the seating chart for the show. Point your mouse on the proffered section. Available seats will be shown.

Q. Can I avail any discounts for booking?
Any automatic discounts for the show will be applicable for all your bookings from the website. However, for any other discount availability, you should be authorized for availing the discount by the casino. Contact the venue for more details on this.

Q. I accidentally booked my tickets in the wrong section. Can I transfer my bookings to another section? OR I accidentally booked my tickets for the wrong performance. Can I transfer my tickets to another performance?
Sorry, Tickets once booked cannot be transferred without refunding them first. Please contact the Boxoffice/ Venue for this.